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GB-2363942-A: Device providing audible alert to enable lost object to be found patent, GB-2368941-A: Integrated method for creating a refreshable web query patent, GB-2371876-A: Charge transport layer containing fluorenyl-azine and triphenylamine derivatives. patent, GB-2375615-A: Padding member for swimming goggles patent, GB-2392908-A: Method for making a sintered compact of hydroxyapatite or apatite and cell culture base formed there from patent, GB-2409372-A: Dial-up resource simulator patent, GB-2411731-A: Fixed-depth of investigation log for multi-spacing multi-frequency LWD resistivity tools patent, GB-2412608-A: Bicycle simulation apparatus patent, GB-2412931-A: Packer patent, GB-2413232-A: Correction of telecine images using plural correction parameters defined in the same processing channel patent, GB-2414948-A: Motor-driven hand grinding tool patent, GB-2424147-A: Controlling PTT communication sessions patent, GB-2431864-A: A cleaning machine for cleaning a surface patent, GB-2437083-A: Plaster abutment member for use at ends or junctions of partition walls patent, GB-2437674-A: Multiple frequency electrostatic coalescence patent, GB-2449003-A: Method and system for automatically building intelligent reasoning models based on bayesian networks using relational databases patent, GB-2460973-A: Humidity Control Within a Refrigerator by Condensing and Atomizing Storage Compartment Moisture patent, GB-2462250-A: Modular ionising structure for generating atmospheric ions patent, GB-2464618-A: Collapsible portable protection system patent, GB-2466903-A: Identification and monitoring of vehicle sensors patent, GB-2469312-A: Crown-type probe seal having at least one spring energised seal patent, GB-2469469-A: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network using helper nodes to relay a data stream to recipients patent, GB-2473924-A: Vehicle having an apparatus for headlamp levelling and an anti-theft alarm system patent, GB-2476219-A: Method for processing electrodes for stimulation lead patent, GB-2478203-A: Polypeptides and compositions for the treatment of Streptococcus agalactiae infection patent, GB-2479124-A: Clamping device for an elongate aperture patent, GB-2492208-A: On-line analysis of financial accounting data patent, GB-2493049-A: Dual Barrier side pocket mandrel. patent, GB-2501818-A: Zoom objective and camera system patent, GB-2502123-A: Shower enclosure patent, GB-2509030-A: Wireless power transmission system patent, GB-2520238-A: Alcoholic beverage patent, GB-2522999-A: Blade comprising a support, provided with a portion with a depression patent, GB-2523233-A: Method of loading a vessel patent, GB-2523879-A: A Gaming method and associated apparatus patent, GB-2551361-A: Apparatus and method for noise dampening patent, JP-2001312461-A: 情報配信システム、情報配信装置、情報提供装置、情報配信方法、情報配信プログラムを記録した記録媒体、および情報提供プログラムを記録した記録媒体 patent, JP-2002005851-A: 表面検査装置および方法 patent, JP-2002163453-A: Securities buying/selling ordering system, its order conversion part, and securities buying/selling ordering method patent, JP-2002508577-A: リチウム電池用スズ合金電極組成物 patent, JP-2002522873-A: 大気圧3次元イオントラッピングのための装置および方法 patent, JP-2002529033-A: 逆方向リンク過負荷検出のための方法および装置 patent, JP-2002538312-A: ポリマー表面処理方法 patent, JP-2003072709-A: Sorting and boxing machine for long vegetable patent, JP-2003527096-A: C−mycアンチセンス処理した造血幹細胞組成物および方法 patent, JP-2004201674-A: 新規タンパク質および癌の予防・治療剤 patent, JP-2006151764-A: Spherical silica fine particle, toner external additive for electrostatic charge image development and toner patent, JP-2007064294-A: Sealing structure patent, JP-2007270193-A: Liquid leakage-preventing device for process tank patent, JP-2004068008-A: 改善された摩耗安定性を有するワックスで変性された被覆剤 patent, JP-2006216034-A: Queued session for communicating correlated message over network patent, JP-2006300519-A: Piezoelectric vibrator for piezoelectric vibration gyro, and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2007228817-A: 生鮮品の機能保存方法および生鮮品の機能保存装置 patent, JP-2007527695-A: グリコシルホスファチジルイノシトールを含有するポリペプチド patent, JP-2003034425-A: Article sorting device patent, JP-2006083128-A: ビスフェノール型イミド化合物およびその製造方法 patent, JP-2006259498-A: Photograph print system patent, JP-2006285402-A: 画像処理装置 patent, JP-2007080436-A: Tape cartridge auto-loader patent, JP-2007148196-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-2005166555-A: 接地電極及び接地電極の埋設方法 patent, JP-2006213047-A: 消臭抗菌防汚効果を持つプリントシートの製造 patent, JP-2006352785-A: Built-in microphone patent, JP-2007244263-A: コンバイン patent, JP-2007288021-A: R−Fe−B系希土類焼結磁石の製造方法 patent, JP-2005348638-A: スピニングリールのリアドラグ操作構造 patent, JP-2006182645-A: 結合材 patent, JP-2006282614-A: 毛髪洗浄剤 patent, JP-2007035438-A: 燃料電池システム patent, JP-2007094867-A: Vehicular preferential treatment system, electric vehicle and server patent, JP-2007310862-A: Online consultation system, consultation device, and consultation method patent, JP-2006265782-A: Engaging filament nonwoven fabric patent, JP-2001325454-A: System and method for distributing data patent, JP-2006303084-A: 炭化珪素半導体装置 patent, JP-2007047566-A: Incombustible acoustic material and structure using same patent, JP-2004289542-A: プレディストータ patent, JP-2006247025-A: 体腔内診断用超音波プローブ patent, JP-2007075757-A: 砂濾過装置 patent, JP-2007191101-A: Electric power steering system patent, JP-2007063213-A: Foliar-surface spraying agent for reducing residual nitric acid in plant body patent, JP-2007301687-A: Workpiece cutter patent, JP-2006180502-A: Multi-transceiver system patent, JP-2001306609-A: System and method for information source browsing and recording medium with recorded program implementing information source browsing method patent, JP-2002058736-A: 骨充填用組成物、骨充填用医療用具及び骨充填用キット patent, JP-2005148294-A: 画像処理装置及び画像処理方法及び画像処理プログラム patent, JP-2007014538-A: 使い捨て吸収性物品 patent, JP-2007202053-A: 波長多重光送受信装置およびそれを用いたネットワーク patent, JP-2007211055-A: セルロース化合物組成物及びセルロース化合物フィルム patent, JP-2007534795-A: 湿分架橋性ハイブリッド接着剤及びシーラントのためのシラン配合物 patent, JP-2006013402-A: 露光装置 patent, JP-2007093527-A: Terminal device, external device, control method of terminal device, control program of terminal device, computer-readable recording medium recording control program thereof patent, JP-2007041898-A: Place information providing device patent, JP-2007128900-A: Flat-panel display device and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2007120242-A: Cable inspection car patent, JP-2007154940-A: Liquified gas container patent, JP-2005532215-A: 複雑で安全上重要な全体システムの機能を保証または維持する方法 patent, JP-2006037095-A: 油吸収性微多孔質ポリプロピレンシート patent, JP-2006182628-A: 耐火被覆材用骨材および該骨材を用いた耐火被覆用モルタル組成物 patent, JP-2007029950-A: Hvof spraying apparatus patent, JP-2007201864-A: Level shift circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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